The Data Foundry provides secure, cloud-based storage and universal access to digital information, enabling the greater scientific community to collaborate seamlessly with government agencies, national labs, universities, and private organizations.

    to collaborate.

Cloud Security


All proprietary and business sensitive data is kept secure, stored in accordance with DOE cyber security guidelines, and managed through appropriate access controls including 2-factor authentication.



One of the primary needs for a data management tool in the research and development space is the ability to handle any type of data, regardless of format or size.



Designed to optimize collaboration amongst large, diverse groups, the Data Foundry adopts a team-centric design to create a consistent view into data managed by the system.

Meta Data


Even the most critical information will not be used if it cannot be found. Data designated for public dissemination is made visible to internet search engines through search engine optimization (SEO), described with adequate metadata to enable users to discover it.